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MAZUR     (2015)

Created for
Richard Alston Dance Company

Frédéric Chopin - chosen from Mazurkas Op.30, Op.7, Op.33, Op. 68, Op. 67, Op.41 and Op.50


Zeynep Kepekli


Coordinated by Inca Jaackson


15 minutes

Originally danced by a cast of

2 men 

Video Excerpt

Filmed and edited by The Place.

Filmed by Marco Benozzi and Steve Jackman at Sadler's Wells. 

Edited by Steve Jackman. Produced by The Place.

Mazur is a dance about Chopin in exile, longing for his own country. The Mazurka is a traditional Polish dance form and Chopin wrote many of them. This duet is for two friends sharing memories of what is lost. The video shows the original 2015 cast, Liam Riddick and Jonathan Goddard and then a new production of 2020 performed by Joshua Harriette and Nicholas Shikkis. The two casts have a very different approach which I find invigorating - it brings fresh life to a dance.

First performed at The Place on Wed 10 June 2015.

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