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GYPSY MIXTURE     (2004)

Created for
Richard Alston Dance Company


Music from 

Electric Gypsyland
Charles Balfour
Peter Todd


29 minutes

Originally danced by a cast of

5 women 5 men 

Video Excerpt

Filmed by Mike Fox at The Place. Directed and edited by Darshan Singh Bhuller.

Produced by The Place and Singh Productions. Part of the Gypsy Mixture/Nigerdo DVD.

Travelling people have always taken their own music and dance with them which I find life-affirming and deeply moving. The music of Electric Gypsyland has travelled with 21st century speed thanks to DJs in World Music clubs. So many influences, so many dance impulses made this mesmerising music to work with, revealing new layers all the time. The dance is simply about the resilience of humanity reflected in a widely multi-cultural mix.

The first solo in this video has elements of South Asian music and dance woven in and the last dance, as the travellers successfully arrive, sees the amazing spring of Jonathan Goddard bursting out all over the stage!

First performed by the Richard Alston Dance Company at Milton Keynes Theatre on 19 October 2004.

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