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Created for
Richard Alston Dance Company


Johannes Brahms, Hungarian Dances for solo piano


Jason Ridgway


Zeynep Kepekli


Fotini Dimou


25 minutes

Originally danced by a cast of

5 women 5 men 

Video Excerpt

Filmed by Marco Benozzi and Steve Jackman at Malvern Theatres. 

Edited by Steve Jackman. Produced by The Place.

Traditional Hungarian music, enlivened by a strong Gypsy influence, is full of racing bursts of acceleration and then sudden stops – catching one’s breath. These Brahms dances are both raunchy and aristocratic, speedy bucolic gallops combined with haughty grandeur. The balance treads a fine line which I tried to capture, a challenge but a hugely enjoyable one. When I was a student Ashton invited Nureyev to stage on the Royal Ballet Petipa's Raymonda Act Three which combined classical steps with Traditional Hungarian dance.  I can still remember the excitement I felt.

The creation of Brahms Hungarian was made possible through the generous support of John Ellerman Foundation. We would like to thank Janet Eager (Mop) for her generous contribution towards the costumes for Brahms Hungarian.


First performed at Festival Theatre Edinburgh on 20 September 2018. Supported by Festival Theatre.

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