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ALSTON NASH BOOK is now available.

Our ALSTON/NASH book is now a reality! I hold it in my hands and it really is beautiful. I am so proud, over 50 superb photographs of truly marvellous dancers. Oh and the choreography is not so bad either... This is a limited edition so do grab one before it's gone! You can buy one on Chris Nash's website or from Amazon.

Over the last 4 decades Chris Nash has been dazzling the dance world with his spectacular imagery of dance, and has created a photographic style like no other. This beautifully designed book features Nash’s 25 year collaboration with the Richard Alston Dance Company. Accompanying the photographs is an in depth conversation between photographer Chris Nash, choreographer Sir Richard Alston and associate choreographer and former company dancer Martin Lawrance, providing a fascinating insight into their respective creative processes.

Paperback: 108 pages


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